Restructuring through the Heart


The heart is the core of who you are and everything you do. It drives your physiology and regulates how you see, think, and feel. Using practical scientific based skill-sets such as heart-focused breathing and emotional transformation, you can learn how to use your heart to improve everything about you and the world around you. You can begin to change your outlook on life from within. You become more in touch with the authentic you while building your resilience and rejuvenating your body with renewing emotions that benefit your physiology. Through the intelligence of your heart you can begin to discover your full potential to guide your life in the direction you want.

Since 1991 research from the Institute of HeartMath® along side other researchers have shown emotional restructuring techniques using the heart can improve everything associated with you and your life:  

-       Improves overall health and physiology

-       Reduces stress levels

-       Restores the balance between your emotions and your physical body

-       Enhances your thinking and expands your own out of the box solutions

-       Improves your quality of sleep

-       Enhances your intuition

-       Revitalizes your energy levels and resilience

-       Improves your mental physical and emotional performance

-       Improves whatever else it is you want to improve

Travis is offering a variety of coaching and workshops that are designed for a variety of audiences. Using the foundation of the HeartMath system's scientifically proven research and techniques alongside information from other researchers and authors:

- Athletes –

Conserve energy, and increase your intuitive responses through heart focused breathing and resilience building techniques designed and proven by HeartMath.

Health and Wellness -

Learn how to plug the emotional drains in your life, increase your energy and resilience, improve your sleep, increase your production of anti-aging hormones like DHEA, and much more through the emotional transformation and self-regulation techniques developed by HeartMath.

The Resilience Advantage™ Program - for Companies and Corporations -

Applies to businesses and corporations to help improve employee communication, wellness and productivity by increasing the employees resilience and reducing stress related problems that waste time, reduce productivity, and cause drain and fatigue. Fifteen years of client results show significant, sustained improvements in health costs, productivity, stress levels, resilience, cognition and emotional well-being. 

- The Heart Connection Workshop- 

This workshop is a complete overview of everything about the heart. Beginning with the scientific research and resilience building techniques from the Institute of HeartMath, and then diving into other teachings, ancient and modern, from all around the world. Then going over how the heart is the core to the change in consciousness that is happening right now.   

HeartMath is a registered trademark of Quantum Intech, Inc. For all other HeartMath trademarks go to

HeartMath is a registered trademark of Quantum Intech, Inc. For all other HeartMath trademarks go to